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Just another symptom…

I recently came across this article in Wall Street Journal 


Highlights the use of a normal industry practice in which higher income students subsidize lower income students. As budget have been slashed for education, now middle income are even subsidizing some of their peers. 

Now we can argue about what is “fair”; but I think that would take argument in the wrong direction. Instead should we not look at the system itself? We seem to be quick at vilifying banks and student loan institutions - without looking at the cause of the problem. If anything these organizations are giving students a means to afford education.

I think it is time where we start looking and asking for more college/university transparency, that is where the source of many of these problems come from. After all, increased levels of debt, subsidies to lower income students, and young people struggling out of school or symptoms of a larger failure in the system. Banks don’t set tuition, students don’t set tuition, but schools do - maybe we should start questioning them.